About Us

Who We Are

At SHP we Develop, Consult, Execute and Operate the
modern and innovative projects. Our diverse experience
and expertise in the building services allows us to oversee
the overall life cycle of a project, starting from Initiating
and Planning, through the Construction and Operation.
Every challenge we see as an opportunity to bring our
ambitions to life. From retail, restaurants and
entertainment to the complex engineering centers, we
recognize that now more than ever we must act on new
challenges and navigate through the rapidly changing

Metallic Structure


Commitment to service the innovative and entrepreneurial
spirit through the development and execution of complex
and modern projects.



Delivering the latest tendencies and the best international practices to the construction sector.


Goals & Objectives

  • Increase market share;

  • Increase community outreach;

  • Increase the contribution of  international practices to the construction sector;

  • Increase efficiency of the final products/ Create the best value of the products.

  • Focus on client satisfaction.

  • Focus on management and professional skills of team members.

  • Training goals.